Using Contextual Threat Intelligence
to Improve Incident Response

A day in the life of the response team

Malcovery's Gary Warner and Wendy Nather from 451 Research provided good insights into the challenges of today's incident response teams. They discussed issues ranging from staffing to the latest technology and Gary shared valuable techniques you can use in the battle against malware and phishing attacks. 

This webinar is now available on-demand. 

View it now to see how contextual threat intelligence can be leveraged during different phases of your incident response process. The webinar covers:

  • The goal of the responder during the response phase
  • Challenges in achieving that goal today
  • How context provides an advantage to your team


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Contextual Threat Intelligence


About the Presenters



Gary Warner

Gary Warner is a world-renowned researcher and speaker on the subject of catching cyber criminals. Gary, a seven-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, is the visionary inventor for much of the technology that drives the Malcovery services. He also remains the Director of Research in Computer Forensics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Gary was the founding president of Birmingham’s InfraGard chapter and has been recognized by FBI Director Robert Mueller for “Exceptional Service in the Public Interest” and received the IC3 and NCFTA’s Partnership Award “in recognition of his outstanding support in the ongoing battle against cybercrime.”


Wendy Nather

Wendy Nather is Research Director of the 451 Research Enterprise Security Practice. With over 25 years of IT experience, she built and managed the IT security program at the Texas Education Agency, where she directed multimillion-dollar initiatives for a statewide external user base of over 50,000.

 Wendy previously worked in various roles in the investment banking division of Swiss Bank Corp (now UBS). Based in Chicago, Zurich and London, she also served as the first IT Security Director for the EMEA region. She has spoken at various industry conferences in the US and abroad, and co-authored The Cloud Security Rules